Final Project Proposal, COMP6341 – Multimedia and Human Interactions

Proposal Final Project, COMP6341 – Multimedia and Human Computer Interaction

Proposal Final Project

Subject: COMP6341 – Multimedia and Human Interaction

Lecturer: Raymond Bahana, ST., M.Sc

Group Members: Alifio Rasendriya Rasyid, Muchsin Hisyam, Jason Sianandar

Binusian ID: Alifio – 2201798295, Muchsin – 2201797430, Jason – 2201796440

Title: Use Your Head! (to be updated)


For this particular project we wanted to make a casual game that anyone can easily play. We have decided to make our own version of a very well-known mobile game, Head Soccer.

The game would be played by 2 players (both are players), in which they would be able to control their character to move left/right as well as being able to jump and kick. The goal of the game is to both score to the opponent’s goal and defend your own, much like a real football game.

Although it sounds very simple, we feel that there will be some challenges faced; one of which would be how to implement the physics of the ball accurately.

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